Welcome!  My name is Nancy Lewis and I am a clinical psychologist serving the metropolitan Atlanta area. 

We are all struggling find ways to manage our “new normal” during the Covid 19 Pandemic. Most of us are worried about protecting the health of our family, friends and ourselves.  We are also worried about our jobs; whether we will still have one; how to find a new one; how to do those jobs and be safe; how will we be able to pay our bills and keep a roof over our heads. Yes, tall of this is stressful and creates a great deal of anxiety, feelings of loss and grief.  Anxiety that goes unchecked can goes unchecked can negatively impact our physical health as well as lead to depressive symptoms or clinical depression.

I am here to help you find positive ways to think about and manage your mental and physical health – which supports a strong immune system and sense of wellbeing – during this difficult time. I offer secure TeleMental Health sessions for existing clients as wells as new.  Please contact me through this website portal if y9u are interested in my services.  Feel free to explore the website to understand more about therapy, me and the services I can provide. 

The very best of health and emotional wellbeing to you and yours!

Covid19 & Telemental Health